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Water Damaged ECUs

BW Auto Repairs Ltd specialise in water damaged ECUs for your BMW vehicle. If your ECU has obtained water damage, it may be repaired. Our specialist technicians can repair your existing ECU and re-seal the unit. In the event that the damage is too extensive and we cannot repair it, we will replace it with another unit.

The aim of a BMW's EWS is to provide anti-theft to the vehicle. The system will compare its VIN number with the different modules. If they do not match, the car won't start. This also means that your ECU will have a unique code set to it. You cannot simply swap out modules between vehicles.

BMW E90 Water Damaged ECU

If your ECU is water damaged, BW Auto Repairs Ltd can help. We will repair your existing ECU, and if that is not possible, we will provide you with a replacement unit. We will program the new ECU to provide a unique map according to your car's requirements. This means that your vehicle will have increased performance, with a correctly programmed ECU.

We work with any model BMW. So for e.g. if your BMW E90 water damaged ECU comes to us, we can help. Our team knows how to repair or replace your unique ECU.

We can replace water damaged ECUs for customers in Middlesex, Edmonton, Tottenham, Enfield, Hillingdon and more. Speak to our team today to find out how we can help you improve your BMW.

For more information about water damaged ECUs, contact us at 0208 561 1818.