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BMW Common ECU Failures

When it comes to ECU remapping, BW Auto Repairs Ltd specialises in this and other services. We know that there are various BMW common ECU failures that you may experience. That's why our expert team can help you to remap or replace your ECU.

If you have an ECU failure, you need a professional team to handle the repair or replacement. ECU units cannot simply be swapped or replaced. At BW Auto Repairs Ltd we provide you with a professional remapping service. We can also replace your ECU entirely if needed.

All the parts match your specific vehicle and we ensure that you get the best performance result. We work with only the best technologies and original parts for your BMW. You can talk to our experienced engineers about any ECU errors you receive, and how we can help you to repair them.

There are many common ECU failures that BMW owners have to deal with, including:

  • ABS Pump Faults
  • Turbo Actuator Problems
  • Dashboard Instrument Cluster
  • Throttle Body

These errors may cause you to have your ECU remapped. This should be done by professionals like BW Auto Repairs Ltd. You can have your ECU remapped or repaired and have your car back as good as new.

Another benefit of having your ECU remapped is to enhance engine performance. You can get more power and a greater fuel efficiency. We provide a range of services to boost performance, including fitting performance BMW parts.

For more information about BMW common ECU failures, contact us at 0208 561 1818.